Troubleshooting Problematic Events


SummaryHow to get the notification information for a specific time frame and a process for troubleshooting problematic events.

In the case where you have errors in Alooma, you may want to pull the notification information and address the events that created errors:

  1. Call api.get_notifications(epoch_time) to pull a list of notifications between some time (seconds since epoch) and now. This returns a dictionary with messages as a key and a list of the notifications in ascending time order as its value.

  2. Next, address the errors reported in the notifications by either changing the mapping or the Code Engine code with api.set_mapping(mapping, event_type) or api.set_transform(code, module_name='main'), as necessary.

  3. Start the restream to re-run all the events that were in the Restream Queue with api.start_restream().

    If for any reason you need to stop the restream mid-stream, you can stop it with api.stop_restream().

  4. Pull the list of notifications again to address the next issue.

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