Every analyst can integrate any data source with only a few hours of training

Every analyst can integrate any data source with only a few hours of training




Utah, U.S.A


MySQL, S3, Stripe, Helpshift, Delighted


Up to +100M

James DraperDirector of Analytics
"Previously a developer would spend a few hours on average with most integrations, but now with Alooma, and only a few hours of training, we were able to teach a team of analysts to quickly integrate almost all sources."

Chatbooks needed more sophisticated control of data

When James Draper, Director of Analytics, got started, the data infrastructure stack was minimal. Reporting was run against production servers and data snapshots were made by creating a read replica using AWS. Eventually, management wanted to empower the fast growing photobook company with the data and tools they needed to do their best work.

Chatbooks Data Architecture

ic-architecturetableausnowflakeDATA WAREHOUSEALOOMABI SOLUTION

Alooma delivers simplicity and control

Initially Chatbooks used FlyData to perform simple extract and transform functions to Redshift. But as the data stack evolved, they needed more capabilities and flexibility in both the pipeline and data warehouse. Draper evaluated other solutions such as Stitch and Segment and described those services as more ‘Click and Play’ with no real ability to transform data. Draper confidently says that “Alooma makes it possible and super easy to import and transform data into Snowflake.”

Value from every aspect of Alooma

  • The Plumbing screen is used to see the most recent JSON data objects flowing through, making it easy to troubleshoot and fix problems.
  • Code Engine is used to integrate different shipping data formats from UPS and USPS, to replace extra breaks and parentheses, and to manipulate arrays to fit nicely into Snowflake.
  • Mapper automates what used to be a manual process: matching incoming data-types to each table field, saving a ton of time.
5,000+ Queries / week

Chatbooks and Alooma: Delivering results

Increased NPS by 10 points for a vendor within a few months, after finding large discrepancies between different segments

Moved away from marketing channels with low lifetime value, after tracking LTV instead of CAC

Increased customer email open rates from 3% to 30%, after using the Helpshift integration to personalize emails

Reduced time needed to perform new data integrations by training a team of analysts to do it themselves

Want to learn more about how Chatbooks is using Alooma to improve their business?

Read the full story and learn how Chatbooks uses Alooma daily to:

  • Gain insights into marketing ROI
  • Optimize the user experience in the product
  • Calculate the true cost of goods sold
  • Protect against lost sales
  • Handle tremendous data load volumes
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