Get the insights you need with Alooma and Amazon Redshift

Your data needs have outgrown basic queries on MySQL and Salesforce. By bringing your data into Amazon Redshift with Alooma, you can customize and transform the data as it streams, exponentially decrease your query times, and provide safe and reliable data access to your entire team. You own and control the data in your Redshift, Alooma takes care of the plumbing.
Use Case: MySQL to Redshift
MySQL is a great transactional database, but it is not intended to simultaneously handle the heavy and numerous queries from your product managers, data scientists, and executives--it’s too slow. By using Alooma to replicate your MySQL data (or MongoDB, Postgres, Oracle, etc.) to Amazon Redshift in real-time, your team can get significantly faster query performance, access to only the data you allow, and you get to maintain MySQL efficiency.
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Use Case: SaaS data to Redshift
Does your VP of Sales have the most up to date data from Salesforce? Does your CEO? What if they want to see billing data and customer data in one place? And in a month they decide to add website analytics? Multiple SaaS providers house your data separately. Your business is constantly evolving, adding new sources (CRM, analytics, transactional) and changing the way those sources behave. By using Alooma to bring the data together in Amazon Redshift, you can get the data the way you want it and the insights your business needs to succeed.
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