Infographic: Why Streaming Data Pipelines Matter

by Alooma Team  
5 min read  • 11 Jul 2018

Streaming data pipelines today enable organizations to transform and become data-driven, leveraging the latest in AI, machine learning and predictive or real-time prescriptive data analytics.

They can help you:

  • increase the scalability and integrity of your ETL process
  • extract near real-time insights from massive amounts of data
  • develop a flexible and scalable approach to data ingestion and transformation

As the critical first step in the process, data scientists and engineers need to acquire the right data reliably in the right format near real-time. However, data arrives in myriad formats (CSV, JSON, DB, etc.) that often must be restructured, augmented and transformed before being consumed. In a New York Times article, Timothy Weaver, the chief information officer of Del Monte Foods, called the predicament of data wrangling big data’s “iceberg” issue. Streaming data pipelines let data teams rest well, as they can focus on mining or modeling data for insights instead of spending most of their time dealing with data plumbing and wrangling.

What do Data Pipelines and Fishing have in Common?

Twists and tangles when fishing are very common. If you don’t have the appropriate equipment and experience, you will be spending much of your time and energy dealing with the tangles instead of catching a fish. Similarly, in the data-driven enterprise world, without the right data pipeline platform you would be wasting energy dealing with ongoing errors, conversions and plumbing challenges to export, transform and load all your data from various sources to your data warehouse, application or analytics solution.

The following infographic shows how you can:

  • detect the signs of a failing data pipeline
  • eliminate obstacles to creating a cost effective, reliable and trustworthy means to integrate, ingest, cleanse, enrich and stream data
  • future-proof your data-driven infrastructure by upgrading to a streaming data pipeline

Avoid the tangle - why streaming data pipeline matters - infographic

Alooma provides a streaming data pipeline for ingesting data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Databases: MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Google Cloud SQL and more
  • SaaS services: Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Stripe, Zuora, Jira and more
  • Marketing tools: Google Adwords, Hubspot, Mixpanel, Google Analytics and more
  • Storage solutions: S3, Box, FTP, Google Cloud Storage and more
  • APIs & SDKs: REST, Webhooks, Javascript, Java, Python, iOS and more

If you are at the end of your rope and still using a traditional data integration, enterprise service bus, basic cloud ETL solution or an open source platform, don’t wait. Try a modern streaming data pipeline solution today.

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