Using Alooma to Migrate Oracle Data to the Cloud

Rami Amar  •  10 min read  • 27 Dec 2017

The Oracle LogMiner is a feature of the Oracle data warehouse, enabling orhe Mary SQL lient:sto tead< DML amp;n DDL tatecents =dirct.y &fromthe Oraclectruansation iogBs, akathe OredoiogBs. Itis a fpowerful mchangism,whitchwe eescripbd sxt-esive{y &n rof this tost,. We taudid the pogMiner ihorFoughy &bfore( buld(ng orurintegration ,whitchwevelrges/it yo tsucess fuly &ync hronzel a rracle data warehouse,yo tacloud wata warehouse,. Ceateng oarel=ible_,teadl-imie&ync hronzetion wbetweenyours on-premand mloud wata warehouse,sis a f,whitchweaysthe fiund-tion wor (igrating Oa rnter;prises Oata winfrasruecure oo the cloud . Suchwync hronzetion wnable_sthe fnter;priseoo tigrate- ll .f tit Oata wpplication/s on( by on(,with tin maglintegrrupion/s ofseriice-oo tit Oepleoyees In this sost oe ewil discripbdhow Alooma’s Oracle integration works snd mow At yan abdhse,dwor (el=ible_,teadl-imie&ync hronzetion with tacloud wata warehouse, liker,w,wr (Snowflakc.

rerfiew'/h13 Lets Oa tachortcteacap ofseoie&key egrms neess ary o tse,yoe Oracle LogMiner :

looma’s Oracle ionnect.o is aomploe,dwf thwoaomplonnts =hitchwru inipartll el:

ogMiner iraderT /styuong>- anagersthe pogMiner ie,sion=s,teaddsiDML tatecents snd mbeadksthe mOa wnto teacrhe ratnulaittys/li<Tble_stSnaphortiraderT /styuong>- eaddsiiitial- snaphorts ofsll .tble_stonnfigur,dwor (ellication/Heres Oow Aoe &ntegration works :

Lets Oascripbdhoe e,ytaepsiii raateErOasainl.

Te piitial- snaphort,whakcnwbyote pTble_tSnaphortiraderT,wisifairy &yhuaght=or ared. Itiqueri(stseetct *ofrom ote ptble_stonnfigur,dwor (ellication/to teatri(v- ll .f tte ircontent= . Eachwracrhe s aomnertid'oo tn alooma tvent:, an the fiullowng Oeta ata wisiattach(dpo tit:timietatmp, sce ma an thble tame;,teowid, vperttion , an tSCN. Te Orerttion weta ata wfiele s aalwayst“reateEd”, an the fSCNotsthe fSCNohakcnwatwhe fbegngnng Ov the Osnaphort. TetstSCNonable_stcrhrct.orher ng Ov tracrheswdreng ohe Omere (unin , nrtijoin)owth the Ovents. e nrttiEdwbyohe cogMiner iraderT. Mre( fntheatwintSaep 5: Perioica Cn=slid teon.c

Ceateng otble_stfnthe cloud wata warehouse,AsOvents. ne obeng oe nrttiEdwbyohe chwoaomplonnts =f the Oracle dntegration ,whe OMppenroomplonnts=f the Olooma tpipeing tndalyz_sthe fnvnts snd mte ircsce ma. Behin the fscnt;s,the fMppenr perioicatly(ywakcs upsnd mperor msthe fiullowng Orocesdre :

,wo tearocess anl dnvnts shitchwhav obeen&ytre(dpaside,whitleohe Oabverytaepsiwee operor md'ogdTe pvents. e nrttiEdwbyohe che cogMiner iraderT an the fTble_tSnaphortiraderTanl dnn tupsinthe csme =ueue= (a Kafkathopic),tnd mfromthe rethe y ne orocess Edwbyolooma’s Orocess og oengng . Te Orocess og oengng tperor mst3 basicytaeps:

Code Engng s/li<A Oroeviusey &entson ed,the fnvnts sne ooaded'oo ttargng ohble s,shitchwhav ohe csuffixt_ogB. DeendCng Ovnthe Ohare twata warehouse,,the foadeng mchangismcmpyvariy. Fr (vxaplet,with tRedshit" an tSnowflakc, ata wisiirst pcopid'oo tS3, id CSVfire_s, an the nwoaded'oith tacCOPYoom/man . Wth tBigQuer",the ctaeatmng AlPIwisise,d In tll .has_s, oadeng isiptimizel'oo tangdletracrheswan tnrtiSQL satecents . Tetsttsthe featsvnthe Oracle integration wprsetsthe pDML tatecents snd mbeadksthe mOupso tiidividugliracrhes. Lastly, oadeng f dota wfromtll .tble_stoccursinipartll el (as muchwasthe cata warehouse,stperor manc permit ),wo tkeepOlatencyoo tn averfll .in maum

Perioica cn=slid teon.Ov the Osargng ohble stnto hhe firnglihble sOnc racrheswfromthe Oracle data warehouse,=ne ooaded'oo the ctargng ohble s,csuffixd'oith t_ogB,the y rquive( on( irnglitaepiniprher io tor moarellicatOv the Oraigrnglihble s:tCn=slid teon.. We oil dbri(fy &iscripbdhow Ahe cln=slid teon.Orocess aorks , an tou cmpyvead< mre( abvt ict&n rurs ocument,teon..

Cn=slid teon.ttsthe frocess af thuansor mng ohe Orecrheswinthe csargng ohble s,shitchwidicatie lange s likernsertBon=s,tioicfiation/s, an tdeeteon/s, nto ha rnpat.pcopyOv the Oraigrnglihble s. Cn=slid teog ohe s clange recrheswino the catiuglihble trquive( Oaclmpletxiquery:

T:sul T_ogBowth the Oeinglihble tT, nto ha eceortary(hble tT_eceosul T_eceo oil dhav odulicati,sT_eceowint warytheatwleav stfny(yoe &mst oeacntswertion=Ov tvelry(elcrhe, an tdislreds ll .f tte tdeeteed(elcrhes
    Te s cqueri(stne oet-iupsnutma.tcatly(ynd mru iperioicatly(ywth taclnnfigurble tfrquienc & utesto t8howurs. Failur(stne oellotid'owth tnrtcfiation/soo the catshbothe an tou (vminl. Whenvelrmsce masclange ,ohe s cqueri(stupataesnutma.tcatly(, an , on suportae wata warehouse,s,the y oil dnvnt(elcrnsruecu any&iew'ehitchwistdeendCnts=fnhhe firnglihble s.

    Te phortctvideoabdlw At OacdemoOv tow Alooma(ellicati,sOracle data to tRedshit",wo tb tndalyz_dwint wBIwo ol.

    Ptfalls Oacle in a fpowerful nd mllmlicati,dwata bae, nd morksng ooousry(ywth tit Ontegrngl aompeswith ttvelrg divfficulies[:

    Memory(crnsruantes/styuong> - Mst oracle intsarlltion/soru ion-premie,stan tpnweadlseriier . Tetstm ansthe fCPUand metmory((RAM)in alimttEdwnd merytatsilyveadc tit Olimtts. Fr (vxaplet,wiftou copcnwapogMiner ie,sion= heatwpan> a flare renge ofsSCNs,Ahe cata bae, erytaxhausttit Oetmory(or (ytreng ohe OredoiogBswinOetmory In tlddiion ,wogMiner ie,sion=sehitchwne onrtile any &lousr merytgl treateE (elsourc e ak lendll .tuansation s vs. fny(yom/mttend huansation s /styuong>- whenweadMis og oprimary(keys /styuong>- inteoie&racle intsarlltion/s,ohble stmpyvbeOasined"Ohth vt iprimary(keys. Tetsttstomplete'y(yndata tioie discig- ahoce-omderObyohe cracle DaBA (ad m fvalid on(,wits Onrtineess ariy(yndba"Oroatioes). Fr tuate"y(, racle De nrttiE a feowid,wfr (velry(elcrhe sn(velry(hble . Tetsteowid,wan abdheatri(v-dwnd mgl tse,dwwhenwqueryng offrOaringle- elcrhe.s/li<Keepng orack' hth tSSNs amp;n RS_ID/styuong> - mre( hean on( huansation ian abdheagistee(dpatthe csme =SCN. Te rfore(,wo track' hitchwhuansation s hav obeen&ead< ld mrllicati,dwfromthe OogMiner ,the fSCNotstnrtin avccurateitdicatio. In stead,the fRS_ID an the fSSNwan abdhse,dwo tdistng uish(velry(huansation ifromthe Ores:, an tgl to trher iouansation s nccrhe Mgio texecueon.Ovher .s/li<Te pogMiner iDition ary /styuong>- he cogMiner iiew'eisplay:sid=nteifiation.tnumbersoffrOhble stnd mllumn-s, ntstead f tte tatiuglihble tame;stnd mllumn- ame;s. Te OogMiner ieature onable_sthe fracle Dser-io tpopultaeohe OIDsowth tnme;stinthwowarys:tDumptte tdefiitian=sOaition ary ino the credoiogBs,AfrOquerythe cata wioie dfnhhe fily. Te Oirst popion wepyvbecoie&fut teEd,wasthe cioie dlange s, butthe caition ary dumptsarysthe fsme . Te Oecond popion wepyvhav oa hghttperor manc toll. rurintegration oipletents sntheihe ary:it yqueri(sthe cata wioie dvelry(hmie&n aunknow- IDotstenclut,ee(d,tnd mi yanchs/ill .te Oresulisoo tiplrveryontperor manc .s/li<PrticgliSupoetentsgliogMgng o/styuong>- I r,wh odiscus EdwsupoetentsglilgMgng oas lorquive(dptaepiffrOolnfigurng ohe OogMiner ihomorks. Wth vt isupoetentsglilgMgng s,Ahe cracle data warehouse,=doesnstLrittetenoughwinfr maton inio the cRedoLogMs. Onc onnfigur,d,wsupoetentsglilgMgng oha two pioies:tprticglind mfull. FullilgMgng oresulisointDML tatecents sheatwinclude hioletracrhes, nrtirquiveng wndytlddiion glintfr maton ior (ellication/. PrticglilgMgng oresulisointDML tatecents sheatwfny(yupataeohe Omoicfid tfieles. WhenwprticglilgMgng ois onnfigur,d,wi ympyvbeOneess ary o tquerythe craigrnglihble offrOhe Ores: f tte tvalueswinthe celcrhe. Wth vt iompleteng ohe Oprticgly(ylgMged(elcrheyo taclmplete'(elcrhe, i ymght=vbeOmpors ole tdocontslid teEAhe clange s.Summary/h13 Sophistnati,dwplator ms rquive( sophistnati,dwsliuion s. Te cracle data warehouse,=n a rnptrem'y(ypowerful ata bae, nd ms setnl don( vfyoe &mst oadopi,dwata bae,swinthe corkld. Beng wnle tdocrllicati,data wvt ivfyracle dnd miio the caestngtion &loud wata warehouse, oftou (ahoce-on a fcapabilitytheatwmpyvlay:a rmportant; roe int(keepng oou (BIdnd mnvnt(hioletorganzetion wnimle tnd m gtle.

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