Periscope Data Warehouse Now Supported

by Jason Lim  
5 min read  • 7 Nov 2017

Our mission is to be the best cloud data pipeline service. To achieve this goal, we integrate the most popular data inputs and data warehouse outputs. We want to offer our customers a variety of choices to best meet their needs. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we now support the new Periscope Data Warehouse service!

A new unified, collaborative data platform

You’ve likely heard of Periscope Data as a SQL-driven data analysis and visualization tool. And for good reason — this is their heritage and core product offering. Over the past four years they’ve used this expertise to grow an impressive roster of over 900 customers.

As Periscope Data grew, they continued to hear how their analyst users were constrained by not having enough support from their data engineers, and saw an opportunity to improve the ingestion and storage side of data.

The Periscope Data vision has evolved to be:

"We’re building the unified, collaborative data platform for data teams."

On November 1st, Periscope Data launched the Unified Data Platform, backed by the Periscope Data Warehouse — a fully managed, high-speed data warehouse run on AWS Redshift. The Periscope Data Warehouse features services such as:

  • Cross-database joins from all your company’s data sources
  • Scheduled ETL processes
  • Dependency mapping
  • Advanced query control
  • Dashboard refresh control


Above: Cluster Performance for full control and visibility into your cluster's CPU and memory performance.
Below: Dependency Map for visibility to your data sources, dependency and scheduling.

You can offload the challenges of database administration to Periscope Data. There’s no need to worry about uptime, fail overs, backups, optimization, workload management, compliance, scaling to meet demands, security or any other warehouse maintenance tasks — just write SQL and Periscope Data does the rest. You can trust the Periscope Data team, who has years of experience managing thousands of Redshift databases, to get you up and running — and be there when you need support.

The Periscope Data Warehouse ensures performance while keeping the control of the data in the hands of the users.

If you’re ready to try an intelligent, beautiful analytics flow, you can go all the way from ingestion with Alooma to management and reporting with Periscope Data. For Alooma customers, you can start sending your data to Periscope Data today.

To learn more about the features of the Periscope Data Warehouse, please check out Periscope Data’s website.

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