Welcoming BigQuery, MySQL and MemSQL

by Alooma Team  
1 min read  • 19 May 2016

Up until now, only Amazon Redshift users could enjoy the benefits provided by Alooma. In our mission to help companies unleash the power of their data, we’ve been working hard to support the most popular data warehouses.

Today we announce support for Google BigQuery - the Amazon Redshift equivalent for the Google cloud ecosystem, MySQL - the most popular open source relational database in the world and MemSQL - the fastest in-memory database for transactions and analytics.

Any data engineer, data scientist, analyst or developer can now pull their data from any data source using out-of-the-box connectors, use our Code Engine to clean, enrich and transform any event in real time, and map structured and semi-structured events to his data warehouse, without worrying about scale or infrastructure. You can now rest assured knowing that your data pipeline will never break and you will never lose any data, no matter what.

One last thing: data warehouses are not all the same. Building a professional grade data pipeline means you have a deep understanding of the unique features and quirks of any data source or output. Alooma makes sure to optimize the way it replicates data to your data warehouse, so you can enjoy the best performance and scale possible.

Now it's time you get all of your data right the way you want it. You all get your data!

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