Instantly Connect Your Data to Snowflake with Alooma

by Garrett Alley  
2 min read  • 2 Aug 2018

Here at Alooma, we're big fans of Snowflake and we know that many of our customers are too. That's why we are so excited about Snowflake's new Partner Connect.

Snowflake and Alooma have teamed up to offer a seamless, fast, and trusted data integration solution to make going "from data to analysis" as quick and easy as possible.

It's simple, and with it you'll have your data flowing into Snowflake in no time.

What is Partner Connect?

Snowflake Partner Connect is the seamless, fast, and simple way to set up Alooma and Snowflake.

Companies who want to extract, enrich, and cleanse data before storing it in a secure cloud-built data warehouse can sign up for Snowflake and from within the product, connect their data sources with Alooma.

"Snowflake makes it even easier for companies to make data-driven decisions by adding immediate data integration partner access," Alooma Co-founder & CTO, Yair Weinberger said. "Now, self-service users can have a frictionless data orchestration experience and start uniting data straightaway in Snowflake."

Before Partner Connect, getting your data from all the various sources to the cloud with Alooma and Snowflake meant first standing up a Snowflake cloud data warehouse and then moving over to Alooma to configure the Snowflake output and then the various data inputs.

This process, while straightforward, was not ideal. Our customers wanted a seamless integration.

Now, with Partner Connect, the process is seamless: sign up for Snowflake, follow the easy prompts, and select Alooma from the Partner Connect section. You'll have your data flowing through Alooma and into Snowflake, ready for analysis and visualization, in minutes.

How does it work?

Once customers sign up for Snowflake, the process automatically creates a free trial account with Alooma, which is provisioned on the fly. Partner Connect walks the customer through creating a Snowflake data warehouse and at least one data input in Alooma. It configures the Snowflake connection to enable immediate data loading into Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse. With Partner Connect's rapid provisioning of Alooma and automatic connection to Snowflake, customers can start loading data into Snowflake via Alooma in minutes for immediate analysis.

With the setup out of the way — and a secure, cloud-built data warehouse in place — you have more time to focus on extracting, enriching, and cleansing your data.

Have a data integration project you want to launch? Think Alooma and Snowflake are the perfect partners to help you achieve your plan? You now have TWO options. 1) Head over to Snowflake and sign up and select Alooma from the Partner Connect section or 2) Contact one of our data experts. With either option you'll be up and running with Alooma, hassle-free.

About Alooma

Alooma is the enterprise data platform built for the cloud — a perfect match for a data warehouse built for the cloud. Move your data from any of hundreds of data sources to Snowflake, quickly and securely. See our Alooma and Snowflake integration page for more information.

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