Alooma’s Roundup of Snowflake’s Cloud Analytics City Tour

by Jason Lim  
5 min read  • 11 Jul 2017

In June, Snowflake the cloud data warehouse company wrapped up a whirlwind Cloud Analytics City Tour. The conferences saw over 25 presenters, over 2,500 registrants and attendees, 19 partners across 9 cities in the U.S. and London.

As a truly modern SQL data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud, Snowflake solves complex problems that legacy, on-premises and cloud data platforms were not designed for. This is precisely why Snowflake is determined to help organizations end their data struggle.

Alooma joined the Snowflake Cloud Analytics City Tour

Alooma, being a modern cloud data pipeline service, makes Snowflake a perfect match for us. Over many shared customers, Alooma is the infrastructure that seamlessly moves data into the Snowflake data warehouse. Alooma and Snowflake customers are then able to swiftly skim the data or dive deep to get the insights they need to make better business decisions.

That’s why we were delighted to partner with Snowflake and roam across four cities with them: Atlanta, New York, Austin and San Francisco. A small team of our sales pros and engineers proudly sported their Alooma t-shirts, set up a booth and fielded many engaging questions from the crowds. Many were drawn in by our cool demo of Alooma Live on the large TV screen.

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Image: CTO and Co-founder Yair Weinberger on stage in Atlanta, GA.

For us, one of the highlights was the opportunity for our CTO and Co-founder Yair Weinberger to present a talk in Atlanta. We were humbled by the number of people who listened and asked impressive questions afterwards.

"It was really exciting to talk to so many people enthusiastic about moving their data to the cloud. Hearing so many people struggle with exactly how to do it, is encouraging for the work we do at Alooma," said Yair Weinberger.

HotelTonight does data with Alooma + Snowflake

At the San Francisco City Tour, HotelTonight, a joint customer of Alooma and Snowflake presented a talk about how they solved their data struggle. HotelTonight is a pioneer of mobile-only last minute hotel deals with over 25,000 hotel partners in 1,700 cities. Jonathan Geggatt, Head of Data Engineering, talked about how they had found financial and marketing reporting to be a pain. Geggatt also shared how his data team is responsible for creating a Demand Prediction tool to help customers get better room rates and hotel partners to sell more rooms. Much of this is possible with the powerful combination of Alooma and Snowflake. Alooma helps HotelTonight ingest and enrich data into Snowflake in near real-time.

Snowflake unveils the Data Sharehouse

The reason why Snowflake and Alooma fit together so well, is that our systems were built for performance in the cloud. Both our founders believe that data is ultra important to making the right business decisions, but the ability to get the data, put it into the right format for analysis needn’t be complicated and costly.

Each conference opened with a funny video showing the tension between IT and Business Intelligence teams. The joke was that in many companies, there is a constant battle between IT and BI over data. BI needs to deliver business insights quickly, but IT can’t deliver quickly enough because of data silos and expensive administration tied to compute and storage costs. This leads the IT and BI teams to endlessly commit ridiculous office pranks. Of course, after implementing Snowflake, a zero maintenance data warehouse service; both sides can’t find a become best buddies. The video is worth watching!

Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia reminisced about the motivation to build Snowflake - the need for insights from exploding data sets hindered by systems that became obstacles more than enablers. This set the scene for where Snowflake is heading in the future with the unveiling of their new Data Sharehouse. It’s a truly innovative feature that allows any Snowflake customer to share any part of their data warehouse with partners, customers or just between business units. Companies can even productize and monetize the Data Sharehouse in unique ways. So if you ever wondered what the secretive Data Sharehouse billboard meant in San Francisco, now you know!

Congratulations Snowflake!

We know how much effort went goes into producing such a large scale, multi-event conference and believe Snowflake did an amazing job. We had many rich conversations with people who wanted to learn about Alooma and see it in action. For all this, congratulations to the Snowflake team and we’re excited for next tour!

For those that couldn’t attend the Snowflake City Tour, we held a live demo webinar on how Alooma integrates with Snowflake. If you’re interested, you can watch it below.

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