Enriching Streaming Data With External Sources
4 min read  •   25 Jan 2017
How to use Alooma’s Code Engine to enrich streaming events with data from external sources
Ofri Raviv
Sessionization Using Python and Alooma’s Code Engine
9 min read  •   19 Jan 2017
An introduction to stateful processing, and how we at Alooma, are using stateful processing internally to get the most out of our events data.
Ofri Raviv
Harnessing real-time data to improve customer experience
7 min read  •   20 Dec 2016
An example of how we at Alooma use real-time data collected from multiple sources to gain insight into our customer's actions, and to improve customer hapiness.
Ofri Raviv
Amazon Athena - Initial Analysis
3 min read  •   30 Nov 2016
Everything you need to know about Amazon's latest announcement: Amazon Athena - an interactive query service for Amazon S3.
Itamar Weiss
Alooma Live - Kafka Real-Time Visualization
12 Sep 2016
Introducing Alooma Live - our new tool for real-time, big-data stream visualization
Itamar Weiss & Stav Mizrahi
Forbes names Alooma the rising star of data infrastructure
2 min read  •   7 Sep 2016
Alooma is proud to be named the rising star of data infrastructure in the Forbes 2016 World’s Best Cloud Companies list.
Alooma Team
4 Valuable Resources on Stream processing
3 min read  •   4 Jul 2016
Beginner guide to stream processing. Statefull, Stateless and in between.
Dan-ya Shwartz
Use webhooks to integrate data sources with Alooma
6 min read  •   6 Jun 2016
Use webhooks to integrate any SaaS product to your data warehouse
Itamar Weiss
Making big data analysis accessible throughout your company
5 min read  •   23 May 2016
How to make everyone at your company data driven, regardless of their SQL knowledge.
Andy Granowitz
Welcoming BigQuery, MySQL and MemSQL
1 min read  •   19 May 2016
Today we announce new data warehouse integrations to BigQuery, MySQL and MemSQL
Alooma Team
5 Valuable Resource on Custom Analytics
2 min read  •   6 Apr 2016
A mini-list of 5 brilliant blog posts on Custom Analytics
Alooma Team
MySQL to Amazon Redshift replication
20 min read  •   19 Jan 2016
How to replicate your MySQL to Amazon Redshift: A comparison of 3 common approaches with detailed real-world examples.
Itamar Weiss
Amazon Redshift for Custom Analytics - Full Guide
25 min read  •   23 Nov 2015
Learn how to build a custom analytics pipeline over Amazon Redshift with real-world examples of engagement, funnels, retention and customer value analyses.
Itamar Weiss
Export Application Insights to Amazon Redshift with Alooma
14 min read  •   16 Nov 2015
Learn how to export Application Insights data to Amazon Redshift with Alooma
Itamar Weiss
Building a Professional Grade Data Pipeline
5 min read  •   24 Aug 2015
Flexible, reliable data pipelines are hard to build. We do this for a living, and wanted to share our knowledge and experience in understanding the difficulties.
Rami Amar
Building Dockers with Maven for Continuous Integration
12 min read  •   3 Aug 2015
How we at Alooma are building dockers using docker-maven-plugin and Jenkins.
Eli Oxman
Exactly-Once Processing with Trident - The Fake Truth
10 min read  •   10 Jun 2015
Dissecting the Trident Guarantee of Exactly-Once Semantics
Yair Weinberger
TLV Data Plumbers First Meetup
5 min read  •   31 May 2015
Data Plumbing Blues - The first data plumbers meetup with 3 Real-Life Examples
Alooma team
Apache storm dependency injection
6 min read  •   10 Mar 2015
Using dependency injection within the apache storm framework.
Eli Oxman
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