Redshift Vacuum and Analyze Tool: Doing your Maintenance Work for you
9 min read  •   12 Jun 2017
Explaining why VACUUM and ANALYZE are required. We’re providing you with a free tool to manage your maintenance tasks.
Dani Raznikov
Redshift: How to alter column in 3 clicks
9 min read  •   3 Jun 2017
There’s no simple, native way to alter a column’s name or data type in Redshift, BigQuery, or Snowflake. So, we built one which enables you to alter a column in 3 clicks within the Alooma Platform. Read on to learn about how we, as a product team, got there.
Noaa Cohn
Infographic: Why Streaming Data Pipelines Matter
5 min read  •   24 Apr 2017
Streaming data pipelines today are enabling organizations to transform and become data-driven.
Alooma Team
Recruiting a Top Notch ETL Developer
5 min read  •   29 Mar 2017
In order to build a great data team, you need great data engineers. Here's how to hire them.
Ram Amar
Six pitfalls when connecting Elasticsearch to Redshift
5 min read  •   14 Mar 2017
Redshift and Elasticsearch have a very different structure, as they are two very different solutions for data storage. While Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine based around schema-free JSON documents, Redshift is an SQL-based, columnar, schema’d data warehouse based on PostgreSQL.
Yuval Barth
Real-Time Anomaly Detection on the Stream
4 min read  •   1 Feb 2017
How to monitor and detect anomalies in KPIs in real time using Alooma’s Code Engine.
Ofri Raviv
Enriching Streaming Data With External Sources
4 min read  •   25 Jan 2017
How to use Alooma’s Code Engine to enrich streaming events with data from external sources
Ofri Raviv
Sessionization Using Python and Alooma’s Code Engine
9 min read  •   19 Jan 2017
An introduction to stateful processing, and how we at Alooma, are using stateful processing internally to get the most out of our events data.
Ofri Raviv
ETL Tools: A Modern List
4 min read  •   16 Jan 2017
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools enable organizations to make their data accessible, meaningful, and usable across disparate data systems. When it comes to choosing the right ETL tool, there are many options to chose from.
Alooma Team
Harnessing real-time data to improve customer experience
7 min read  •   20 Dec 2016
An example of how we at Alooma use real-time data collected from multiple sources to gain insight into our customer's actions, and to improve customer hapiness.
Ofri Raviv
Amazon Athena - Initial Analysis
3 min read  •   30 Nov 2016
Everything you need to know about Amazon's latest announcement: Amazon Athena - an interactive query service for Amazon S3.
Itamar Weiss
Alooma Live - Kafka Real-Time Visualization
12 Sep 2016
Introducing Alooma Live - our new tool for real-time, big-data stream visualization
Itamar Weiss & Stav Mizrahi
Forbes names Alooma the rising star of data infrastructure
2 min read  •   7 Sep 2016
Alooma is proud to be named the rising star of data infrastructure in the Forbes 2016 World’s Best Cloud Companies list.
Alooma Team
4 Valuable Resources on Stream processing
3 min read  •   4 Jul 2016
Beginner guide to stream processing. Statefull, Stateless and in between.
Dan-ya Shwartz
Use webhooks to integrate data sources with Alooma
6 min read  •   6 Jun 2016
Use webhooks to integrate any SaaS product to your data warehouse
Itamar Weiss
Making big data analysis accessible throughout your company
5 min read  •   23 May 2016
How to make everyone at your company data driven, regardless of their SQL knowledge.
Andy Granowitz
Welcoming BigQuery, MySQL and MemSQL
1 min read  •   19 May 2016
Today we announce new data warehouse integrations to BigQuery, MySQL and MemSQL
Alooma Team
5 Valuable Resource on Custom Analytics
2 min read  •   6 Apr 2016
A mini-list of 5 brilliant blog posts on Custom Analytics
Alooma Team
MySQL to Amazon Redshift replication
20 min read  •   19 Jan 2016
How to replicate your MySQL to Amazon Redshift: A comparison of 3 common approaches with detailed real-world examples.
Itamar Weiss
Amazon Redshift for Custom Analytics - Full Guide
25 min read  •   23 Nov 2015
Learn how to build a custom analytics pipeline over Amazon Redshift with real-world examples of engagement, funnels, retention and customer value analyses.
Itamar Weiss
Export Application Insights to Amazon Redshift with Alooma
14 min read  •   16 Nov 2015
Learn how to export Application Insights data to Amazon Redshift with Alooma
Itamar Weiss
Building a Professional Grade Data Pipeline
5 min read  •   24 Aug 2015
Flexible, reliable data pipelines are hard to build. We do this for a living, and wanted to share our knowledge and experience in understanding the difficulties.
Rami Amar
Building Dockers with Maven for Continuous Integration
12 min read  •   3 Aug 2015
How we at Alooma are building dockers using docker-maven-plugin and Jenkins.
Eli Oxman
Exactly-Once Processing with Trident - The Fake Truth
10 min read  •   10 Jun 2015
Dissecting the Trident Guarantee of Exactly-Once Semantics
Yair Weinberger
TLV Data Plumbers First Meetup
5 min read  •   31 May 2015
Data Plumbing Blues - The first data plumbers meetup with 3 Real-Life Examples
Alooma team
Apache storm dependency injection
6 min read  •   10 Mar 2015
Using dependency injection within the apache storm framework.
Eli Oxman

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