Alooma Data Pipeline as a Service

Alooma is an enterprise-class cloud solution enabling data teams to integrate, clean, enrich and stream data from various data silos to any data warehouse, data lake or application, all in real-time.

Alooma’s easy-to-use data pipeline as a service provides a data streaming platform to support both batch and high volume real-time, low-latency data integration requirements. Alooma’s flexible enrichment capabilities enable data preparation of any data source (relational or big data stores, files, mobile, SaaS or enterprise applications) before loading into any data warehouse or application.
Key Features
Infinite Scale
Alooma platform provides horizontal scalability, handling as many events as you need with sub-linear cost increase.
Security at the Core
Alooma is built around a robust and flexible security architecture, providing full visibility and control over data. SOC 2 Type II compliant and EU-US Privacy Shield certified, Alooma does not store any data permanently and encrypts all data in motion.
Guaranteed Data Integrity & Reliability
Alooma’s intelligent data integrity engine provides a safety-net by catching all unloaded events resulting from schema changes and/or data type mismatches, keeping the data safe and accessible.
Flexible Data Enrichment
Alooma’s stateful processing engine enables enrichment of the data on the fly to enable sophisticated use cases, such as real-time alerts, sessionization, anomaly detection, and more. Customize your data exactly how you need it by writing real code to transform data in the stream.
Master Data Management
Alooma Mapper automatically infers schemas, maps schema changes, or enables customization of mappings to your liking. Ensures you meet all your data governance requirements.
  • Real-time, scheduled, and batch ETL
  • Guaranteed data integrity
  • Flexible for all enrichment and transformations
  • Scalable for processing hundreds of billions of events per month
  • API driven to easily fit into any application and data stack
  • SOC 2 Type II and EU-US Privacy Shield compliant
  • Compatible with HIPAA compliant companies

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