What is Talend Open Studio?

byAlooma Team
Updated Mar 7, 2018

Talend Open Studio includes three applications: Business Modeler, Job Designer, and Metadata Manager. Open Studio also has a built-in function to monitor jobs performed and analyze problems.

Talend Integration Suite is an additional service that requires a subscription license. This is a data integration solution that allows multi-user access and team work, and supports large volumes of data. Via the Shared Repository tool, it enables data consolidation in one central repository that can be accessed by all the members of a collaborating team. It also allows management of user permissions and privileges.

Talend Integration Suite MPx is a massively parallel platform designed for companies that need to process very large volumes of data in a short time. It is supported by FileScale technology that allows sorting and transformation of very large files by breaking down any data operation into smaller independent processes.

Talend Integration Suite RTx is a real-time data integration platform. It works in a web based environment. The tool enables triggering and integrating of data integration processes according to users' needs and facilitates easy access to critical data. Talend Integration Suite RTx includes SOA Manager, used to manage incoming requests and a queue system.

Talend on Demand is an online service that enables consolidation of project information from Talend Open Studio in a shared repository hosted, controlled, and backed up by Talend, removing the need for any configuration or administration. The application facilitates code and objects storage and reuse for local and distributed working teams.

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