What is SAS ETL?

byAlooma Team
Updated Mar 7, 2018

SAS provides a Data Management platform consisting of more than twenty tools from the various SAS Data Integration, Data Quality, and Master Data Management products. The Data Management platform's focus is on data integration and includes an "Advanced" offering as well. Companies use the SAS Data Management platform to manage, transform, integrate, cleanse, and secure data from legacy/hadoop systems as well as cloud-based or on-premise data sources.

Product features include:

  • One development environment, removing the need for redundant tools and partial solutions
  • Integrated process/visual job designer provides control over jobs processing
  • Decision management flows via SAS Decision Manager
  • Superior connectivity and data access regardless of the data source
  • Support for extract, transform and load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT) pipelines
  • Security and compliance, data governance, and metadata management
  • Data federation provides consistent business views across your disparate data sources. Query/access data across multiple systems without moving or having to re-map the source data.
  • Migration and synchronization of disparate systems means solutions for dealing with issues with embedded, reusable data quality rules and real-time data services for various data sources, including database structures, enterprise applications, mainframe legacy files, SML, message queues, etc.
  • Integrations/connectors for popular message queuing products
  • Enhanced administration and monitoring of your various systems, all from within the platform
  • SAS Metadata Bridge for Big Data
  • Integration of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop
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