What is Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)?

byAlooma Team
Updated Apr 3, 2018

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is a data integration software product. From the Oracle documentation: "A widely used data integration software product, Oracle Data Integrator provides a new declarative design approach to defining data transformation and integration processes, resulting in faster and simpler development and maintenance. Based on a unique E-LT architecture (Extract - Load Transform), Oracle Data Integrator not only guarantees the highest level of performance possible for the execution of data transformation and validation processes but is also the most cost-effective solution available today."

Oracle Data Integrator architecture

The ODI architecture's central component is the Repository. It stores configuration information about the IT infrastructure, metadata of all applications, projects, scenarios, and the execution logs.

The repository is an absolutely open, comprehensive, and shared metadata database accessed by the applications responsible for transformation, project development, integration, and information redistribution. Other architecture components to note comprise the ODI Studio, including: the Designer, Security Manager, Operator, and Topology Navigators.

Designer Navigator is used to design data integrity checks and to build transformations like:

  • Automatic reverse-engineering of existing applications or databases
  • Graphical development and maintenance of transformation and integration interfaces
  • Visualization of data flows in the interfaces
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Customization of the generated code

Operator Navigator is the production management and monitoring tool. Through Operator Navigator, IT production operators can manage interface executions in the sessions, as well as the scenarios in production.

Topology Navigator is used to manage the data describing the information system's physical and logical architecture. Use Topology Navigator to manage the topology of the information system, the technologies and their data types, the data servers linked to these technologies and the schemas they contain, the contexts, the languages and the agents, as well as the repositories.

Security Navigator is the tool for managing the security information in Oracle Data Integrator. Use Security Navigator to: create users and profiles, assign user rights for methods (edit, delete, etc.) on generic objects (data server, data types, etc), and fine-tune these rights.

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