What is IBM Infosphere Information Server?

byAlooma Team
Updated May 10, 2018

Information Server is a line of IBM products responsible for data warehousing and data integration.

IBM introduced Infosphere Information Server as a complete set of business intelligence and data warehousing products which operate in four functional areas:

  • Source data profiling - consists of understanding and modeling the source data to detect inconsistencies, anomalies and problems with the data (Information Analyzer, Business Glossary)

  • Data quality assurance - data cleansing, standardizing, merging (Information Analyzer, QualityStage and AuditStage)

  • Data transformation - data is integrated, transformed and loaded into a data warehouse using the ETL processes

  • Data delivery to the end users

Infosphere Applications

  • IBM InfoSphere Warehouse applications offer solutions for the deployment, integration and management of a data warehouse and the data in an organization, based on a DB2 Database technology.

  • Information Analyzer application interprets and analyzes data from the source systems or a data warehouse to make it easy to understand for both business and technical users. The tool connects to the source data and performs data structure analyses, such as: column analysis, table analysis, primary key and foreign key analysis, relations identification, etc.

  • Metadata workbench is a web-based and fully integrated and unified metadata repository management tool for Infosphere. The tool helps manage business, technical and operational metadata and provides such analysis modules as data lineage, impact analysis and diff.

  • Datastage and QualityStage is a GUI application for integrating the data stored in a data warehouse and implementing the ETL and data quality assurance processes.
  • Business Glossary is a web-based tool responsible for common business terms vocabulary management (creation, editing, viewing and sharing) in an organization.
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