What is Alteryx?

byAlooma Team
Updated Jan 1, 2018

Alteryx produces several data analytics solutions. Alteryx specializes in self-service analytics with an intuitive user interface. These analytics can be used as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Tools within the Alteryx framework. The products work with multiple data sources and perform complex analytics, including predictive, spatial, and statistical.


The Alteryx framework is divided into several components.

  • The Designer combines data preparation, blending, and analytics into your workflow with the same user interface. You can perform predictive or spatial analytics, and share the results.
  • The Alteryx Server provides a scalable platform for your analytics. Server includes APIs and macros to integrate Alteryx processes into other internal and external applications.
  • Alteryx Connect is a collaborative data exploration platform. Connect performs cataloging of data assets and the results of prior analysis efforts.
  • The final piece is the Alteryx Analytics Gallery: publicly available pre-built applications for download to improve analytics adoption rate.

ETL data integration

There are several features to the Alteryx ETL solution:

  • Multiple data sources: users can analyze data from many sources including spreadsheets, cloud or on-premise data stores, AWS, and Salesforce
  • Data accessed, blended, and cleaned from any source
  • Datasets of any size, small to massive
  • A drag-and-drop user interface with no coding requirements
  • Create custom workflows to save and share across the organization, including a public analytics gallery
  • In-database blending and analytics for scalable, secure data without using SQL scripts or code
  • Datasets delivered directly into Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau
  • Data and analytic workflows packaged into applications that can be published and shared
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