What are the reasons that data warehouses are moving to the Cloud?

byEli Oxman
Updated Dec 28, 2017

All the answers given are correct (TCO, maintenance, performance, scale…), but I’d like to add a few points.

In general I think the main reason is a cultural one. It is the same force which drives enterprises to move many other services to the cloud (computing, file storage, email, CRM, databases, etc.): Trust.

As a business you want to minimize the amount of effort you need to put into aspects which are not your main line of business, and unless you are Amazon, Google or Snowflake, for example, that is most likely not building or maintaining data warehouses.

In recent years the trend of moving services to the cloud gains more and more popularity as they are trusted by organizations including banks and government agencies like DOJ and NSA. As more time passes (and it’s been almost a decade now), businesses gain more trust in cloud services than their own.

I work at Alooma, a service allowing massive data migrations without any hassle. We started over 3 years ago, and as we progress, we see larger companies turning to the cloud for their data warehousing solutions (like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake), and we make it easier for them to undergo the migration.

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