Is it possible to convert a database into a data warehouse?

bySagi Yosefia
Updated Jul 13, 2018

Yes off course.

Basically there are two ways of doing it:

  1. Develop some real time / non real time engine depends your needs, for sync new and past data from your database into the data warehouse. If you have just one database as an input it's not very hard to develop. The problem starts when there are multiple source databases you need to replicate, because every database has its own read method, so you have to spend long time researching how to do that.

  2. Use one of the ETL tools which replicate data as a service, and support loading a lot of data sources into the warehouse of your choice. All that’s left is for you to pick your data source, set the configuration. That’s it basically. The cost for these tools is based on the amount of data you replicate.

I’m a developer at Alooma - A data pipeline as a service. For example you can check out this blog post on how we replicate Oracle database into the data warehouse of your choice.

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