Is Apache Kafka becoming a de facto standard for data streaming?

byEli Oxman
Updated May 24, 2018

Apache Kafka is definitely a wonderful tool for serving as the basis for a stream processing pipeline.

It is battle tested and used by many large companies (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, Netflix).

Additionally, the maintainers of Apache Kafka, its community and (a company that is currently the major driving force behind the development of Kafka) have definitely identified it as a central piece stream processing, and they are constantly working on introducing features which are making it easier to build data streaming pipelines around Kafka (including adding features like Transactions, Stream Processing).

I think the reason that Kafka became so popular is that it is simple to use, on one hand, but is very good at what it does on the other hand. It also scales very well to support the ever growing load you can expect going into your data streams.

Kafka is a central piece of our architecture here at Alooma, and we are using it to process billions of events per day for our customers.

We’ve even created a nice way to visualise your data in Kafka: Alooma Live - Kafka Real-Time Visualization.

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Apache Kafka

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