What is Adeptia ETL Suite?

byAlooma Team
Updated Jan 2, 2018

Adeptia ETL Suite (AES) is a graphical, easy-to-use data mapping solution that is ideal for aggregating data from multiple sources to populate databases and data warehouses for Business Intelligence solutions. AES is a comprehensive solution that combines data transport with powerful metadata management and data transformation capability.

AES platform components

Adeptia ETL consists of three distinct components. It has a web-based Design Studio that provides wizard-driven, graphical ability to document data rules as they relate to validations, mapping and edits. This tool includes a library of functions which can be pre-created and reused again and again.

The second component is the Service Repository where all the rules and mapping objects are saved.

The third component is the Run-time Execution Engine where the mapping rules and data flow transactions are executed on incoming data files and messages.

Key features of Adeptia ETL suite

  • Data integration functionality which is perfectly suited for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) type of data warehousing solutions for business intelligence, reporting and dashboards
  • Process flow based and service-oriented approach for data transformation and integration
  • Easy to use, intuitive user-friendly interface to define data mapping and data transformation rules
  • Graphical design environment and fully featured run-time engine in one package
  • Object-based architecture that promotes reusability of components and functionality across disparate custom packaged and legacy applications
  • Web-based interface that enhances productivity with minimal training
  • Complete management, reporting and auditing capabilities to track and monitor transactions
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