Meet Alooma.

Data Pipeline as a Service

Alooma brings all your data sources together into BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake and more.

"The Alooma Platform and the incredible knowledge and support that their team brought to the table turned a 6 month engineering project into a drag-and-drop operation."
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The Alooma Platform
Alooma enables data teams to have visibility and control. It brings data from your various data silos together to your data warehouse, all in real-time.
Simple and Flexible
Setup and flow data in minutes or customize, enrich, and transform data on the stream before it even hits the data warehouse.
Secure and Reliable
Never lose an event. Alooma's built in safety nets ensure easy error handling without pausing your pipeline.
ETL at Scale
Any number of data sources, from low to high volume, Alooma’s infrastructure scales to your needs.

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