What modern ETL looks like

Load any data source to any data warehouse, today.

Alooma is a real-time data pipeline as a service
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Trusted by data-driven companies
Massdrop uses Alooma for ETL to Amazon Redshift
Lumosity uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Couchsurfing built a MySQL to Amazon Redshift real-time replication ETL pipeline
Soulcycle integrated Alooma for real-time integration to Amazon Redshift
Via built ETL from iOS, Android to Amazon Redshift
Playdots uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Sundaysky uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Invoice2Go uses Alooma for ETL
Magisto uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
gofundme uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Delectable uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Treehouse uses Alooma for real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift
Businesses want to be data-driven, but managing all of their data sources in disparate locations often feels like an impossible task. Alooma is a reliable and customizable data pipeline that ​enhances productivity by refocusing your team’s efforts on data analysis and not data movement. Bring all your data together to one data warehouse in mere minutes.
Data plumbing
Build real-time ETL to Amazon Redshift in minutes

Build data pipelines
in minutes.

Connect your ETL to any source in any format and integrate to Amazon Redshift

Any data, any source,
any format.

Build distributed, fault-tolerant, scalable ETL infrastructure to Amazon Redshift

Distributed, fault-tolerant, scalable.

Real-time, sub-minute latency ETL pipeline. Seconds from creation your data will land in your Amazon Redshift.

Sub-minute latency,

Write Python code over your real-time ETL

Code any transformation,
on any event and field.

Data is stored in your own Amazon Redshift data warehouse

No lock-in.
Your data remains yours.

Integrate any data source to Amazon Redshift: Mixpanel, Google Analytics, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, S3, iOS, Android, RDS, Python, Java, server logs and more...
Let us do the

We take care of the plumbing so that you can focus on your data. We give the pipes, you send the data. It’s easy with our wide range of predefined inputs.

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Monitor your real-time ETL data pipeline to Amazon Redshift
We’ll handle
the hassle

Scalability, connectivity issues, changed schemas, data anomalies - we handle them all. Our platform collects metrics on every field of every event. We monitor 24/7 and guarantee complete fault tolerance.

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Write Python code to filter, clean, fix and transform your data so it loads to Amazon Redshift ready for processing
Do anything
with your data

Data always contains surprises. Tailor transformations to any event or field with Custom Data Transform. Explore your data in real-time, write alerts, and get notifications.

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Amazon Redshift in minutes

Get the power of big data in minutes with Alooma and Amazon Redshift.
Simply build your pipelines and map your events using Alooma’s friendly mapping interface.
Query, analyze, visualize, and predict now.

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